Our Product Attributes

Organic Farming is a broad term used to encapsulate different farming and processing techniques. We at Total Organiacs have created our own custom icons, to explain the various methodologies that are used by our famers on their farm. Based on the farming and processing techniques each one of our products would have a certain group of icons on our packaging.

hand-processedHand Processed : This icon signifies the fact that there was no mechanisation involved in processing the Organic produce. For example, rice paddy can be de-husked by hand or by machine. Hand Processed products ensure great quality and taste profile. Farm’s with hand processed food crops have a very minimal carbon footprint, this ensures a rich and natural environment. Hand processing also gives opportunity for rural employment and community bonding in villages and small co-operative societies.

traditionalTraditional : This icon was specially created by us to signify food products that are indigenous and local to a certain part of India. We have gone the distance to locate and procure traditional millets, flours, cereals, locally used condiments etc across various parts of India. Most of the traditional products come from small farmers who are working hard to preserve traditional farming and processing practises. Preserving the natural variant of seeds in seed banks is also undertaken by the traditional farmers to fight against hybridisation and genetically altered seeds.

seasonalSeasonal : Seasonal food products are not available through the year. We specially source these products as and when the produce is harvested during a particular season of the year. Generally fruits and vegetables fall under this category.

women-employmentWomen’s Employment : Total Organiacs has always advocated equal rights for the oppressed women in the agricultural areas of India which are primarily male dominant. Woman’s empowerment is ideally an urban phenomena but it requires serious implementation in the rural areas. These women go through a lot of hardship both at home and as farm help. Few of our farmers have taken a step to ensure rightful women’s employment. Some of our farmers ensure that the women are not made taken up men’s labour. Traditionally women are meant to take up less rigorous and more delicate, artistic elements of farming like, tea leaf picking, gardening, processing millets into flour, drying, animal husbandry etc.

no-chicoryNo Chicory : Our Coffee has no chicory added. Every time you have cup of coffee from Total Organiacs, you can be rest assured that its 100% pure organic coffee to refresh you. As of late it has been a trend to add chicory to coffee as a bulking agent. This may result in the coffee being cheaper but we strongly recommend that you try pure coffee instead.

artisanArtisan : Some of our products like our Organic White Pepper are purely hand made using skilled labor specific to a certain region. The art of growing and processing these Organic products has been passed on for ages locally amongst the farmers. Most of these products are traditional and of native origin.

farm-processedFarm Processed : Products carrying this icon signify the fact that they are cultivated and processed on the same farm. This is the ideal organic farming and processing methodology. This ensures no foreign contaminants or alteration. Farm processed products are fully under the care of the farmer from the time they are sown, to the time they are harvested and processed for you. In our opinion these products have the best flavour profile and retain all their health benefits as it is.

eco-sensitiveEco-Sensitive Farming : We designed this icon especially to highlight farmers who have gone one step ahead to preserve the local flora and fauna. Most farmers clear the native forests and the natural area and convert it into farm land. Eco-sensitive farmers are those who work with nature without clearing forests and woodlands. They have learnt how to farm along side forests and traditional trees. These farmers grow crops that symbiotically benefit each other, hence the eliminating the need for any foreign entities like fertilisers and pesticides. These farms are delight to visit.