Hello Dear Friend, we are excited to have you on your website. We really appreciate your interest in knowing more about Organic Food and Sustainable Living.

Organic Food has been quite the buzzword for a while now. You may have come across it on an aisle in an upscale grocery store/ shopping mart, a restaurant menu serving organic food, health supplement brands, you may have heard about it through your nutritionist/doctor/dietician/gym instructor or a friend of yours is already into it.

But, why organic?

We principally founded Total Organiacs on 3 basic mantras:

  1. Organic Lifestyle
  2. Sustainable Existence
  3. Healthy Choice

These are the fundamental reasons that drive us to promote Organic and Sustainable living. These are the 3 main reasons why we believe in the Organic way. (All of the subjects below will be also be extensively covered in our blog section)

Let’s talk about it real quick:

  1. Organic Lifestyle:

A simple, humble and yet one of the most healthiest ways of  living. This is not a new concept; it has always been the way of our elders especially in India. Organic Lifestyle is a way of living where mankind lives of what nature provides. We use the best of what nature provides and live within its means without affecting the delicate balance of nature.

The idea is to not impose our will on nature by using unhealthy, dreadful shortcuts and greedy alternatives like Chemical Farming, Genetically Modified crops, excessive mechanical farming, over logging of forest areas to create more farm land etc.

Organic Lifestyle promotes and encourages uses of natural alternatives in the food we cultivate, the fabrics we use, the clothing we wear, the materials we use in our day to day and so on.

We must collectively share this responsibility of living Organically.


  • Government: It is a sad state of affairs here in India, wherein the Organic Farmer does not receive any benefits for farming naturally from the Government. There are no Central or State Government schemes that promote Organic Farming in the mainstream. Expensive Chemical Pesticides are available over the counter without a license or any paper work. Unusual weather patterns, unfair pricing of produce, lack of education and infrastructure has resulted in numerous farmer suicides. Ironically most of the farmers commit suicide by consuming these very pesticides. If a farmer were to apply for an Organic Certification he has to go through a lengthy process of filing paper work, converting his farm from chemical to organic, getting his soil tested and getting produce evaluated. Lack of official standards and norms deprive farmers of this knowledge. Most of the European countries have all resorted back to Organic methods of Agriculture. It’s high time we as a nation adopt the Organic way and formulate policies to set things right. Our Farmers need help!


  • Farmers: Organically cultivated produce not only benefits nature but also the farmer to a large extent. Organic farming cuts down cost incurred from expensive chemical fertilizers and pesticides, genetically modified crops. GM Crops are wiping out our native varieties of millets, pulses, cereals, fruits and veggies. The ill effects of Chemical farming have had enough media attention already. Farmers are still under the ill-informed notions of The Green Revolution Movement, which was largely a product of the Industrial Revolution phase of India. More fertilizers and more pesticides will not result in a better crop. It will merely poison the topsoil; result in ecological damage, cancerous crops and poisoning of water resources. Farmers end up in perpetual debt cycle because of increased cost of farming; there are natural alternatives, which can really help India regain its rich agricultural past. In our journey with Total Organiacs we have met many Organic Farmers who are fighting hard to keep the Organic Practices alive, hence we believe there is hope yet for all of us. Our effort requires your support; you and I depend on the farmer for sustenance.


  • Consumers: You and I are a vital part of this chain as well. Despite knowing the ill effects of products around us, we continue to indulge. There is always an organic alternative and it will be our sincere effort to bring you the best of what nature has to offer. When you consume organic food, it does make a difference. If there is enough awareness and enough participation we believe the tables can be turned around. Increase in the demand for Organic Products will result in production/cultivation of Organic Goods.


  1. Sustainable Existence:

Global warming, Climate Change, Unusual weather patterns, Cancer, Natural disasters are all warning signs from nature that something is wrong. The excessive and consumerist attitude of Human Beings has taken a severe toll on nature. Forestlands are shrinking, Oceans are being poisoned, the air we breathe is no longer clean and the food we eat has long been compromised. It’s the need of the hour to change our ways and work with nature.

Sustainable lifestyle is all about harmony with nature. Organic farming for instance is all about using alternatives for chemical and industrial methodologies of farming. For instance compost made out of farm and vegetative waste can replace chemical fertilizers, cow manure and other farm waste could be used to make natural pesticides and anti-fungal mixtures, multi-cropping helps in ensuring the soils fertility intact (mono cropping on the other hand takes a huge toll on the soils ingredients)

It is also our responsibility as urban dwellers to adopt sustainable living, for instance when you buy Organic clothing you are ensuring that the cotton grown was free of pesticides, this directly benefits the farmer as mentioned before. Organic and vegetable dyes ensure the fabric is safe to use. In short Organic products give us all the benefits we want and helps us conserve the ecology as well. We shall cover a lot more about this through our blogs

  1. Healthy Choice:

By now it’s quite evident that Organic way of living has a plethora of health benefits. With the complete absence of chemicals Organic food is healthy, tasty, sustainable, nature friendly, farmer friendly and future sustainable.

Various forms of cancer are a modern day invention caused by contamination of our eco-system. Poisoning of nature over the years in the name of progress has caused a lot of irreversible ecological damage more importantly has weakened our immune systems. New variants of viruses and bacteria are causing diseases that are resilient to medication. We cannot make these diseases go away by making stronger chemical medication. The problem lies with the way we exist.

They say, “You become what you eat.” Organic food is not only healthy but it vitalizes your mind and body. Crops farmed organically capture the very essence of nature. Along with all health and nutrient benefits, Organic products are the extension of the love Mother Nature has to offer.

Please spend a little more on good food.

“You can either pay up the farmer now or you can pay the doctor and health insurance companies later”

You may have more questions now like:

How do I buy organic food? How do I know if a product is genuinely organic? Why is Organic food expensive? What is certified organic and so on…

Please go through our FAQ section for more info