Total Organiacs is an establishment based out of Bangalore, India. We are trying to make a difference by supporting ethical and ecological farming communities. We are sincerely trying to bring about a Socio – Cultural movement that goes beyond good products and good services.

By making people more aware of Organic and Natural Farming practices, and Sustainable Living we would like them to consume products that do not disrupt the harmony and sensitivity of our planet. The idea is to bring the Indian Farmer into focus, it is his/her effort that ensures we have food on our tables everyday.

Our humble enterprise intends to simply bring us all back to our holistic and spiritual roots. We want to be the bridge between you – the urban dweller and mother nature.

One step closer to nature, one step closer to our home, the Earth.

Why are we doing this?

 Ever since the advent of the industrial revolution our planet has gone through some severe changes for the worst. Human ego with its insatiable desire for material wealth has put us on an insane path of manic consumerism and greed. Sure we can travel faster, communicate over large distances, build marvelous feats of architecture, unravel nature at sub-atomic levels or even decode the entire human genome, but look around you.

– Are we living older than the global average life span of 55-60 years?

– Are you sure about the food you eat?

– Is the air getting any cleaner?

– Are the forests getting greener?

– Are we drinking clean and safe water?

– Are we able to co-exist with one another with kindness and brotherly love?

Can you assure a child of a brighter tomorrow?

Farming is one of the most important professions there has been ever since the advent of the modern man. It is of a great concern that this noble profession is losing its value. You never seen anyone holding the farmer up and thanking him for this efforts. It is very evident cultivated land in India is shrinking fast.

Climate change, genetically altered crops and chemical farming is already ringing the death knell for the farming community in India.

Rapid urbanization and industrialization has not only upset the ecology but has also upset the demographics in our populous. People are seduced by higher wages, a fancier lifestyle in cities and other urban areas. Writing software has more social and monetary value in comparison to a farmer ploughing his field and growing food.

There are no second/third generation farmers left. Deterred by factors like:

  1. Higher input costs of modern agriculture using chemical pesticides, fertilizers and expensive machinery.
  2. Uncertain weather patterns as a result of climate change (because of pollution and the abuse of nature) has made it very difficult for the farmers to ensure there is a good yield.
  3. Higher wages for an alternative profession in cities and towns has resulted in a lot of urban migration.
  4. Lack of recognition and timely support from government
  5. Low prices for the produce usually dictated by large scale buyers.

Organic/Natural Farming solves many of these issues largely. Sustainable living has to the only answer.

Nature has always provided and we have always received, but for how long?

This is where Total Organiacs wants to come in.

What are we trying to do?

 Total Organiacs one primary main objective – To Make Our Urban Dwelling more Nature Friendly by connecting you to person who knows it the best The Organic/Natural Farmer.

We are a Collaborative Platform that is bringing farmers and rural artists from all across India onto one collective platform reviving forgotten arts to showcase their produce and art work for you.

By creating a transparent window between you and the farmer we bring you Organic Produce and Lifestyle products that is Certified Organic or Organically Grown, Authentic, Natural, Flavorful and Affordable.

Our model also helps the farmers to get out of conventional chemical based farming which is very expensive, anti- nature and puts farmers in infinite debt cycles. Through the principles of organic farming, the farmers learn to create a sustainable model of agriculture to replace fertilizers and pesticides with organic manure and natural substitutes.

There has been and there will always be an Organic/Natural practice of existence. We invite you to join us propagate our message of Love, Holistic well being and love for our only home, the Earth.

When you buy organic products from us, you can be assured that all our products are farm grown, hand processed with minimal mechanization, on farms that are 100% Certified Organic or Organically Grown. All our products are harvested, and processed on the farm. We just merely package it and deliver it you, we call this the true Farm2Table model.

So join us on this symbiotic platform between you the urban consumer, the organic farmer and nature. Be a part of Total Organiacs and help us achieve our goal.

“Hope someday you will join us, and the world will live as one”

- John Lennon