Total Organiacs is the creation of a middle class boy from Bengaluru, who is an aspiring farmer. Like the Hobbits from The Lord Of The Rings, he shares a deep love for everything that grows from the earth. With a heart yearning for nature, preserving traditional culture, a love for natural farming and travel, he set out for an adventure, just like Bilbo did.

“Hello Organiacs, Namaskara! I head Total Organiacs, which is based out of Bengaluru, my hometown. I have always been fascinated about farming ever since I was a kid. I like to do my bit to continue India’s rich agrarian heritage.

I come from a typical middle class background where I was coached to do well academically and get into the rat race of life. Pursuing this elusive dream being well settled socially and financially, lo and behold I became a Computer Science Engineer.
I have had a fun 7 year career as a Pre-Sales and Technical IT Security Consultant for various companies. My job did take me places and transformed me into who I am today, but I still yearned to be close to the farming community. I have always enjoyed cooking and good food, and the question always remains what makes a really good meal?

Hence, Total Organiacs.

Waseem Chishty

Founder and CEO